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Work Abroad

There are many advantages for someone who might be interested to apply for a job outside the country. Here are some reasons why you should consider working abroad:

  • Higher Salary

    Get a higher compensation and benefits by working abroad.

  • Right Job For Right Skill

    Be assigned on the job that will suit your skills and capacity.

  • Career Growth Opportunities

    Be able to grow your career by having career advancements and wider professional network.

  • Save For The Future

    Earn and save money to provide for the needs of your family.

  • Travel To New Places

    See the world and experience a different culture while still doing your job. See a different perspective of working to help you get a broader understanding of your field.

  • Valuable Training

    Gain work experience and hands-on training that will enhance your skills.

Message from the President

We aim to provide total satisfaction with the client in a globally competitive manner and ensure the quality of life for every OFW.

"Here at AMCAAJ we aim to provide total satisfaction with the client in a globally competitive manner and ensure quality life for every Overseas Filipino Workers."

-Ms. Merlie Jimenez

International Destinations

We have been providing manpower to different countries across the globe. We have been partnering with the biggest companies and different projects in the Middle East Region and Asia Pacific Region.

Skill Categories

We are deploying professional workers, highly skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers from different fields and industries. We cater to positions that specializes in Design, Construction $ Maintenance for Oil and Gas, Electro-Mechanical, Civil Works, Engineering, Architecture, Hospitality Services, Health Professionals, and various other professions.

  • Engineering
  • Medical Staff
  • Construction
  • Domestic Helper
  • Mining & Quarry
  • Oil & Gas Petrochemicals
  • Powerplant
  • Search All

Applicant's Testimonials

We have deployed thousands of employees abroad who had different stories of success. Improving their quality of life and growing their career has been a tremendous success for us too. See below for the testimonials from our past and current employees.

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Fresh from college and without work experience under my belt, I find it very difficult to look for a job locally. There were just so many applicants vying for few available vacancies. I tried my luck applying for a job abroad while keeping my expectations low. Little did I know that AMCAAJ made the application process a breeze for me. They assisted me and gave me advice on what to do. Now, I am living the dream in a multinational company here in Singapore.

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It was always my dream to work abroad. Not only because of the higher salary but because I know that the experience would be something I would cherish for my entire life. So when my friend recommended that there was a job vacancy fit for me in AMCAAJ, I did not hesitate, I applied right away. Fortunately, the agency did not require too many documents or unnecessary expenses. I am now working as an Electrical Engineer in an oil company in Saudi Arabia.

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My mother was a Nurse in Malaysia. That is how she supported me through College. I remember countless nights talking to her over the phone about her work experiences abroad. When it was her time to retire, it knew it was my time to take her place. Same hospital, same position, just me replacing what previously was my mother's. Unsurprisingly, we applied to the same recruitment agency. From both my mother and me, thank you AMCAAJ International Recruitment Agency.

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